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Voice disorders and damage can be difficult to gauge and to understand. At Carey & Henderson Vocal Studios, we specialize in vocal rehabilitation in Nashua, NH. Our instructors use voice analysis to determine the extent of a damaged voice and to help understand and start on the repair of damaged voices.

When a voice is considered normal, that is when the tone, quality, pitch, flexibility, and loudness are acceptable to a specific person. A voice becomes an issue when any of those tones or quality are lessened or draw attention to themselves rather than to what the speaker is saying.

In addition, a damaged voice is apparent when the speaker feels pain or distress when using their voice. The person in question may also begin to develop speech patterns that remain even after the problematic voice condition has healed. These can be problematic for the speaker. Some examples include speaking at higher pitch or breathing improperly.

A variety of issues, including medical diagnoses and poor health behavior, can cause voice damage or voice disorders. Examples of such reasons are stroke, Parkinson’s disease, allergies, aging, cancer, smoking, and misuse of the voice. We can use our computer voice analysis software to figure out where the damage may be.

We can use professional vocal rehabilitation to help evaluate and diagnose a voice disorder and find a plan to help improve the voice. Once we complete an evaluation, we can create a plan of care. These plans of care might include a variety of voice therapies such as abdominal breathing, relaxation training, timing and rhythm breathing changes, pitch monitoring, and voice quality medication.

Vocal rehabilitation is an effective tool to help you overcome vocal damage and rediscover your voice. Visit us today and we can work on developing a voice therapy and plan for you right away!

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