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If you want to fully master the potential of your singing voice and make it your instrument, then choose Carey & Henderson Vocal Studios. We have a singing instructor in Nashua, NH who is your best choice. We offer students the opportunity to reach their best singing potential through personalized training in our voice studio.

Voice lessons offer a great opportunity for you to develop your talent and love of singing. Your first lesson will be a wonderful chance for you and your voice teacher to learn about one another as well as what your singing goals are. The instructor will ask you several questions to gauge your understanding of vocal history and test your voice and skill level. Private lessons are also available.

We will diagnose your voice using a simple vocal testing exercise that will show the teacher where you are vocally and how to best move forward with your instruction.

This is an important step so that your lessons are specifically designed to help bring out your best. It also helps to make sure you do not strain your voice and harm your vocal chords with improper singing practices.

Our instructors also focus on proper warm-up techniques. This is an area where most students are slightly unaware and have not been taught correctly. Warming up your voice is critical to developing proper singing technique and specifically targets tone and quality in your singing. Think of it like stretching before a long run or a hard workout.

We gear the lessons in our studio around a healthy and competent practice. They focus on teaching proper breathing, tone, and practice. A regular lesson will begin with targeted warm-up exercises, breathing practice, and removal of tension. Some students may choose to target other areas of vocal training including note reading and ear training. When you leave our studios, you will be prepped and ready to meet all of your vocal goals.

You will learn to reach your most powerful singing voice, reduce tension in your singing, shift smoothly between vocal registers, hit high and low notes with precision, walk out on stage with confidence, and watch your new singing skills reflected in your everyday speaking voice. Your vocal style should be a collection of your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Stop by the studio today and allow us to get started on creating the perfect lesson to find your strengths!

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